เจ๊ยินดี ซีฟู้ด "Yindee Seafood"

Yindee Seafood started with fishery in 1982.
In the beginning, we sold fish, prawn, squid and shellfish
that we freshly caught from the sea without cooking.
But sometimes our customers asked us to cook for them,
So they didn't have to cook by themselves.

To enhance the freshness and deliciousness of seafood,
Yindee Seafood has been developed to be a seafood restaurant since 1994.

Yindee Seafood focuses on the freshness and
cleanliness of the ingredients for good food in every dish.
Our own traditinal spicy seafood dip is made from fresh lime juice and fresh chilli.
It will be renewed everyday.

Yindee Seafood has a variety of seafood dishes serving to the customers.
Some dishes are very popular until they have become our signature dishes.
such as Fried snapper fish topped with fish sauce,
Deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce,
Deep-Fried flathead lobster(mantis prawn)with garlic.

Over 30years of fishery experience with the skill and
meticulousness in every detail from the selection of ingredients
to cooking of seafood in every dish,
Yindee Seafood would like to deliver the exerience
of deliciousness and happiness to all customers.


Walk-in, Call Reservation, Catering

Mae Rumphueng Beach, Rayong
Close to Fishing Bridge, Opposite Rayong Coastal Aquaculture Research and Development Center
Tel.098-616-5929, 081-636-6202

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